Ovi Series
Circular Linear Profile

Elegant in its round housing, OVI is a fresh new lighting solution when projecting the interior of an office or any public building. Its high-quality housing makes it a bold and stylish luminaire, available in various sizes. It supplies homogenous glare-free light and maximum level of visual comfort. It is a new favorite of modern simple yet stylish office lighting.

Catalogue Page
IDWattageDimension IESPhotometryTechnical Datasheet
KL-346236W LED WW,CW,NW BA:360°, Opal Polycarbonate1245 x Ø106mm3462.pdf
KL-346372W LED WW,CW,NW BA:360°, Opal Polycarbonate2400 x Ø106mm3463.pdf
KL-349518W LED WW,CW,NW BA:360°, Opal Polycarbonate600 x Ø106mm3495.pdf
KL-349636W LED WW,CW,NW BA:360°, Opal Polycarbonate1245 x Ø106mm3496.pdf